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I need some space to breathe. Lots of it. Preferably in an environment where the air isn’t contaminated. Guide me toward a space where I can retreat for a few days and spend time thinking about thinking. That’s a luxury nowadays, you know — being able to think without entering a battle of ideas.

I feel suffocated here, perhaps it’s just me. My time is limited, my freedom is stifled, and quite frankly, I can’t breathe. I hear that this is the new normal and the good ol’ days are behind us. …

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It takes more than a single attempt to turn your life around. While it helps to read a book or take a course, true transformation is measured by the value of what you are willing to sacrifice. What are you prepared to throw in the fire as an offering for the life of your dreams?

Life can be a game of give-and-take, and what you fail to give, you cannot expect to receive.

German-American poet, Charles Bukowski said, “You have to die a few times before you can really live.” The death he refers to isn’t the death of the…

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We’re in year two of the ruthless slaughter at the hands of the coronavirus. What first appeared to be a “bad month” or a “bad year” has turned into a drawn-out nightmare. Nonetheless, speculators around the world continue to speak of a “post-pandemic era” referring to life after the virus has dissipated into thin air.

I’m hopeful that there will come a time when we don’t have to contend with this nasty virus and all its deceptive variants. …

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The hallmark of being an adult is exchanging your time for a pay check. This is known to many as “work” and it’s generally accepted as a fair trade. The company you work for needs your skills and you need their money. Together you form a team and as long as both parties stick to the terms and conditions, the relationship survives.

I was dragging my feet when I had to find my first job. There was something about being an eternal student that appealed to me. For as long as I was a student, my responsibilities would be kept…

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One of the truths the Buddhists believe is ‘life is suffering’, and that from birth to final breath, every person will experience cycles of suffering. Not only is suffering inevitable, it is also unavoidable. In other words, bad things really do happen to good people too. Refusing to accept the inevitability of suffering is like wrestling in quick sand — you only sink deeper and deeper into it.

However, assuming that you are willing to accept suffering, you may be one of the lucky few who transcend it.

Transcending suffering doesn’t remove your wounds, but it helps you live a…

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I recently saw a post on Instagram that said something along the lines of “Being able to carry something well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.” Growing up, there was one noticeable distinction I found between me and an adult. When I was in pain, I would cry without thinking twice about it. In contrast, when an adult was in pain, they would barely show any symptoms of it.

As I grew up — and faced a few life experiences — breaking out in tears became a performance, a stunt too embarrassing to try in public. Without even realizing it, I…


Getting Rid of Decaying Beliefs and Attitudes

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When you leave food passed its expiry date, you are reminded by the repellent fumes that it’s time to throw it away. The fumes are a warning signal to investigate the cause and act with immediate effect. However what happens within your soul when it’s time to get rid of decaying beliefs about who you are and how you interpret your life? What is the warning signal that you can look out for, and how can you begin detoxifying your inner life?

The soul, similarly to a fingerprint, is a unique imprint that each human being was given by the…


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2020 was not what we signed up for and 2021 has proven how important it is to have a plan of action for our lives. In this article, I will discuss a strategy that’s familiar with many entrepreneurs, and may be useful for the ordinary person looking for a way forward.

The strategy is known as pivoting. To pivot is to turn or shift, and embrace a new strategy when Plan A has failed. …


All Roads Lead Back to Who You Are

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What does it take to live a happy life?

One might say it takes things going in your favor. Another might say it takes all areas of your life being aligned and flowing in perfect unison. A happy life for many is a life without suffering. However, defining happiness as the absence of suffering may be unrealistic in this chaotic world.

The way we go about pursuing happiness has a lot to do with our perspective on who we are, where we are, and where we desire to go. When we’re going through difficult times, we might fall into a…


The Power of Self-perception

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One of the most overwhelming expectations of being an adult is having to figure out who you are, pronto! You are expected to know which career field you’re going to settle in and how far it will supposedly take you. You are also expected to have a set 5-to-10 year plan, know when you will get married/if you want to get married, and the list continues.

You try to manage the expectations of society, friends and family members, and in the process, lose sight of your own needs and desires. …

Be Still My Friend

How do we achieve peace in the midst of chaos? By accepting our humanness and the faultiness & beauty that is life.

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